Which of the following is a non-renewable resource?


Non-renewable resources are natural resources that, once consumed, cannot be replenished since they take millions of years to form. These include coal, oil and natural gas.
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A renewable resource is one that is quickly replenished, like sunlight or bamboo. A NONrenewable resource is one that does not quickly replenish itself. An example of a nonrenewable
Petroleum provides over 40 percent of the nation's energy needs. The United States imports 51 percent of its oil and petroleum products like asphalt, jet fuel, diesel fuel and chemical
Some renewables include hydroelectric capacity, solar insolation (for solar energy), wind capacity, forests, crops and fisheries. Some non-renewables include petroleum, natural gas
Renewable and non-renewable resources are used for many different things. Renewable resources (two examples): Sunlight is used to keep the earth warm, to generate electricity, to
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What Is a Nonrenewable Resource?
A nonrenewable resource is a resource that cannot be replenished or recycled to match its rate of consumption. Much of the energy generated today comes from nonrenewable resources because they provide a great amount of energy when burned or modified in... More »
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A non-renewable resource is a resource of economic value that cannot be produced, generated or replaced by natural means on a scale that can sustain its consumption. An example is fossil fuel such as oil, which is used faster than it can be regenerated since its formation takes billions of years.
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