Normal Cervical Length during Pregnancy?


The normal cervical length during pregnancy is 3 cm and is expected to shorten as the pregnancy progresses although the normal cervix length is 4 to 5 cm. A very short cervical length is a sign or indicator of preterm birth for pregnant women. Approximately half the length of the cervix is visible with appropriate medical equipment while the rest lies above the vagina and cannot be viewed
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greater than 30mm.
there is no "normal"cervical length.each and every woman's vagina is a different size and length.
1. Determine if symptoms are indicative of cervical cancer. Vaginal bleeding, a different menstrual cycle, experiencing pain or bleeding during sex or blood in vaginal discharge can
Cervical length during pregnancy is sometimes associated with preterm labor — labor that begins before week 37 of pregnancy. If you have a short cervix, you might be at increased
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