What Is a Normal Chloride Level?


Chloride is considered an electrolyte that occurs naturally in the human body. Chloride is found outside the cells but in the blood. The normal serum range for chloride is 98 to 108 mmol/L.
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Chloride is an ion, not an atom. It has 18 electrons which are 2, 8, 8 in the first three quantum levels respectively.
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I was told by my doctor that 14 is normal. My mother (who is a RN) said 20 is normal. Mine is 9 and I was put on iron pills.so I CAN say that 9 is NOT normal.
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The normal chloride level in blood is between 135-145 moles per litre. The general level of the chloride in the blood is normally measured by its metal, mainly Sodium. The normal level of sodium ensures that homeostasis proceeds without harming other parts of the body.
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