What Is a Normal Urinary Output for a Child?


The normal urinary output for a child ranges between 1 and 2 ml/kg/hour. To calculate the urine output in ml/kg/hour, you divide the total urine output by the weight in kilograms and then multiply the result by the number of hours.
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more than 1 ml per kg per hour.
Water is the main chemical component in the body, making up 60% of body weight. The cycle of water through the body includes the removal of toxins via urination. Dehydration occurs
As you have said, urine output depends on the size of the individual. So, in children, it can vary greatly. The general rule is 0.5 milliliters per kilogram per hour. So, if a child
Your daily urine output is an indicator of your current state of health. Excessive or decreased urine output can be a sign that you are drinking too little or too much water, or it
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Basing the normal urine output per hour on an average adult person, the result would be 0.5 ml/kg/hour, or a rough estimation of about 30 to 40 ml per hour. ...
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