What Is a Nurse Technician?


A nursing technician is a nursing student or nursing graduate who has not received licensure and who works under a registered nurse. Such technicians are charged with minor administration and treatment, room preparation and physician assistance including helping patients eat, bathe and record their vitals.
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According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook, produced by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, nurse technicians assist patients in all activities of daily living including bathing,
The Nurse Technician is a valuable member of the Allied Health Care Team. Because of the increasing shortage of trained health care professionals, Hospitals aer using the NURSE TECHNICIAN
A Nursing technician provides direct patient care in State facilities under the
You have to be liceasned by the state. You either need to take a class then take the test or challenge the test. Contact your state's nursing board for the exact laws in your state.
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What Is a Nurse Technician?
Nurse technicians provide direct patient care under the supervision of registered nurses and physicians. While nurses and physicians focus on writing and implementing treatment plans, nursing technicians assist patients with activities of daily living.... More »
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