What Is a Pager Used for?


A pager also known as a beeper or bleep is a simple personal telecommunications device for short messages. It is capable of receiving short messages and is usually carried by people who need to be contacted urgently, such as doctors. The first practical pager was introduced in 1950 by physicians in the New York City area.
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Pagers are known as one of the simplest telecommunication devices in use today. Used mainly for short messages, the pager is often utilized by a number of professionals in various disciplines.
Pagers are communication devices used to keep by professionals in various fields to keep in touch. For instance, in hospitals, doctors use the pager to be in constant contact especially in emergency situations. It is different from other communication devices as it has a smaller screen and it was introduced in the late 1950s.
A pager is a simplified personal telecommunications tool for brief messages. It is a dedicated RF or radio frequency device that gives the pager user a chance to receive messages broadcast on a definite frequency over a special network of radio base stations.
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