Panda Food Chain?


Pandas are prey to jackals and leopards. They feed on bamboo roots, leaves and stalks. They are then hunted by man for their beautiful black and white coat. When they are not hunted, their source of food, bamboo is cut down by man and this indirectly makes them die or move on.
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Pandas are not preys, but they are not predators either. Pandas don't have a very. exciting food chain, because their food chian only consists of BAMBOO and SMALL. ANIMALS, such as
Plants Plants are the producers within the food chains; they use the sun's energy to create carbohydrates (usually in the form of sugar) from water and carbon dioxide. This process
Giant Pandas are high in the food chain because of two reasons: loss of
Giant pandas are herbivores. Their main source of food is a type of grass called bamboo. The bamboo is called a "producer" - it uses photosynthesis to produce its own food
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Giant Pandas eat bamboo. Giant Pandas have no natural predators besides humans, although leopards have been known to prey on young cubs.
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