Panda Food Chain?


Pandas are prey to jackals and leopards. They feed on bamboo roots, leaves and stalks. They are then hunted by man for their beautiful black and white coat. When they are not hunted, their source of food, bamboo is cut down by man and this indirectly makes them die or move on.
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Answer It only eats one thing - some kind of bamboo - which is why they're rare. Answer 99% of the panda diet is bamboo They like to eat bamboo roots, leaves and stalks. The panda
A food chain describes how a series of organisms eat in an ecosystem. It describes the relationship of how one organism uses the next as a source of food.
The panda is a prey to jackals and leopards. It only eats
Owls will also feed on the woodchuck species of squirrel. The lined ground squirrel (Spermophilus tridecemlineatus) inhabits fields, prairies and agricultural lands in Minnesota and
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Giant Pandas eat bamboo. Giant Pandas have no natural predators besides humans, although leopards have been known to prey on young cubs.
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Red pandas are very cute little raccoon-like creatures, and they mostly eat bamboo. They may also eat birds, small mammals, blossoms, eggs, and berries. Unfortunately ...
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There are two types of food chains. There is the grazing food chain and the detritus food chain. The grazing food chain is found in grasslands, ponds, and lakes. ...
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