What is a parallel universe?


A parallel universe is an unproven existence. I say unproven because while it's largely believed that they don't truly exist, there are people who believe otherwise, and at this point, there is no way to achieve proof either way. It is a popular concept in science fiction and a theory frequently explored in writing and sciences. Basically, the thought is that there is another realm, existence, or world that operates separately from our own.
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( n. ) A universe or space-time continuum that exists alongside ours, and which may possess different physical laws or a different history. Also used fig. Compare parallel world .
1. Understand that there are many different types of parallel universe. The parallel universes most folks are familiar with stem from quantum physics: according to one interpretation
The theory is John Wheeler and Hugh Everett's. Many World Interpretation. of Quantum Mechanics, which is a minority interpretation of quantum theory. It was introduced as one of the
Run Lola Run. (1998) depicts a woman's attempt at securing 100K German marks for her boyfriend and what happens under three parallel universes described here: http://en.wikipedia.org
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