Paramedical Esthetician?


A paramedical esthetician works with dermatologists and plastic surgeons during pre and post operative skincare on patients. They provide treatment, which prepares the skin for surgery and makes the healing process comfortable for the patient.
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Under the guidance of a licensed health care provider, paramedical estheticians provide treatments that prepare the skin for surgery and allow for a more comfortable healing process
An esthetician, also known as a non-medical skin care specialist, is a new type of career in the ever-expanding world of cosmetology. It scoops up many aspects of cosmetology and
Estheticians. work at salons and day spas. Estheticians specialize in beautifying the skin. They perform cosmetic skin treatments including hair removal, massage, body wraps, skin
Paramedical Esthetician's make around $40,000 a year in
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What Is a Paramedical Esthetician?
A paramedical esthetician, also known as a skincare specialist, works with plastic surgeons and dermatologists in pre- and postoperative skin care procedures for patients, most commonly plastic surgery. These skincare professionals typically work in... More »
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