What Is a Pay Stub?


A pay stub is a document issued by an employer detailing payment to employees for service provided within a specified period. Pay stub are gradually being replaced by electronic paychecks.
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1. Write the year on a file folder tab. Create a separate folder for each year you have pay stubs. 2. Organize the pay stubs according to date, starting with January and ending with
1. Look at the header of your pay check stub. This will show your place of employment and its address, as well as information regarding the company that processes your place of employment's
One example is FICA, which stands for Federal Insurance Contributions Act and is your
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There are many different styles of pay stub templates to choose from. Blank pay stub templates can be found online at Real Stubs. Banks will also have many styles ...
Securitas pay stubs are records of an employee's pay that he can view online. Employees who have Securitas pay stubs work for a company that manages its payroll ...
Your HBC pay stub is your reciept that shows what you have made during a pay period at HBC. You will be able to see what you made before taxes and exactly what ...
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