Peacock Habitat?


Peacock's habitat is in deciduous rain forests and areas that are near water. They are native to India, Burma and Congo and are omnivorous birds. In the wild they make very shallow nests in the undergrowth of the forest and live for about 18 years.
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From Wikipedia: Asiatic peafowl like the Indian Blue Peafowl and especially the Green Peafowl occupy a similar niche as the. roadrunners. secretary bird. and. seriema. All of these
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1. Build a peacock pen for your peafowl large enough to accommodate the males' long tail, which they like to display. Amy's Peacock Paradise states that the general rule of thumb
The peacocks occupy deciduous rainforests and jungle areas near water. They make shallow nests and locate them in the undergrowth of the forest.
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The peacock's habitat is supposed to be a natural environment so that it grows up healthy. Peacocks inhabit the deciduous rainforests and tropical forest areas. They usually make low nests and place them in the undergrowth of the forest.
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Peacock natural habitat is in India and Sri Lanka's lowlands and foot hills. They naturally prefer bushy areas in park like areas which they use as refuge when ...
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