What Is a Pelvic Phlebolith?


A pelvic phlebolith is a mass, deposit or growth which occurs in the walls of the veins in the pelvis. These masses are usually composed of calcium and lime and are for the most part harmless, though their presence can be an indication of a more serious disease.
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The pelvic area is the section of the body located at the base of the spine and surrounded by the hips. This area includes the bladder, genitals, prostate and other organs of the
Calcification of arteries, small deposits of calcium in the veins.
A pelvic phlebolith is seen as a small, smooth, round, white opacity on an xray. Phleboliths are small areas of calcification in a vein. They are basically calcium deposits which
I am asking this interrogate as I have an ultrasound on my pelvic nouns and this be the radiologist's report. Answers: From what I hold be reading it sounds similar to a bacterial
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What is a Pelvic Phlebolith?
Phleboliths are masses, deposits or growths which develop in the wall of a vein and are composed of calcium or lime. They are common in the pelvic area and are stationary and harmless; however, they can indicate the presence of more dangerous conditions... More »
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A Pelvic Phlebolith is a mass or growth that has grown on the pelvis. They are usually made up of calcium. Because of this they are sometimes called Pelvic Calcium ...
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