What is a pence equal to?


Pence are the plural of a penny, which is a British unit of currency and means of exchange. A penny coin is equivalent to one hundredth of a pound. The ultimate value of pence coins will depend on how many a person possesses.
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With a diameter of 18mm-which is slightly larger than the U.S. dime-the current 5 pence coin, in production since 1990, is a smaller version of the one introduced at the time of decimalization
There are 100 pence in one Pound sterling.
or tup·pence (tŭp'əns) n. Chiefly British Two pennies regarded as a monetary unit. A very small amount; a whit: didn't care twopence about politics. pl., twopence
These coins are still potentially in circulation so, unless they are part of a Proof or Uncirculated mint set or are individual Proof or Uncirculated coins and in absolute mint condition
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