What Is a Pending Charge?


Pending charges represent charges which have been authorised but have not yet been posted to the individual's account. When they are posted, the charges will be shown in the individual's recent activity view in his or her account.
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Whenever you make a purchase with a credit card, the amount of the purchase is instantly removed from your available balance. Merchants process your credit card at the time of purchase
Criminal charges with which the defendant has. not yet. been formally charged. Added: I would read pending criminal charges to mean a criminal charge that has been formally charged,
A pending criminal charge is just a formal way to let you know what you're being
pending charge means it's waiting for funds to be verified or transfered from your bank. like paying bills online, it will not state paid, it will state pending, but not for long.
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What Are Pending Charges?
The word "pending" is not a term of art in the law. If your application is pending, the powers-that-be have not yet decided whether to hire you; if your loan is pending, bank officials have not yet approved or rejected your application. If your criminal... More »
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