What is a pending charge?


A pending charge on a bank account, credit card or debit card is one that has not fully been applied to the account yet, according to Wells Fargo. A pending charge may also be referred to as a pending transaction.

Walmart notes that a pending charge may lower the available balance in an account. The hold on funds produced by a pending charge may expire after a certain amount of time determined by the financial institution or after the charge completes and the debit is completed. Commerce Bank states that pending charges may be listed in chronological order and may take several days to post as completed to an account.

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i think pending charges are when you have charges against you but they could either get you jail time or they can be dropped.
Patent pending means that the idea is already taken and pending a patent number. You can not copy the idea, it is like a copyright is with music, except with other objects.
SSI applications may be pending after the initial application and after appeals. The application review steps include a review after the initial approval of your application, a review
In this context, the word "pending" would mean "filed and awaiting adjudication." If no charges have been filed, then you have no charges pending. Source(s): 30+
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What Are Pending Charges?
The word "pending" is not a term of art in the law. If your application is pending, the powers-that-be have not yet decided whether to hire you; if your loan is pending, bank officials have not yet approved or rejected your application. If your criminal... More »
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