How does one make a pendulum clock?


A pendulum clock is a clock that was invented in 1656 by Christiaan Huygens that uses a pendulum (a swinging weight), as its timekeeping element. The clock is normally made up of a long, thin rod made of wood or metal that terminates in a disk. These types of clock must be placed in a stationary position because any motion or accelerations will affect the motion of the pendulum, causing inaccuracies in the timekeeping.
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Because the period is based on the length of the pendulum, an increase in temperature (such as that as occurs in summer) will make the material, normally metal, in the pendulum expand
1. Check the beat of the clock. If the beat between the swings of the pendulum sounds off, the clock may not be level. Tilt it one way then the other to see if that fixes the beat
clock pendulum: a physical pendulum used to regulate a clockwork mechanism
The R A on the pendulum stands for the French Retard/Avance ,
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