What is a person who studies fossils called?


People who study or investigate the fossilized remains of animals or plants are typically called paleontologists. Paleontology is a broad scientific field that has many subdisciplines.

One division of paleontology is paleoanthropology, which is the study of ancient human fossils. In addition, micropaleontology is the study of microscopic fossils and ichnology is a field of study that includes fossilized footprints, trails and tracks.

Paleontology is much more than just looking at old, dusty bones; it's the act of using the clues and traits from ancient remains, whether it's plants, mammals or fungi, to better understand the ecologies of the past.

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What Do You Call a Person Who Studies Fossils?
Geosciences incorporate all the sciences that study earth and its history. Paleontology is the science of studying fossils. A paleontologist is the scientist working in this occupational field. A paleontologist excavates, rebuilds and interprets... More »
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