What is a petrified rock?


While there's no such thing as petrified rock, petrified wood is fossilized wood. According to YourGemologist, there is no wood actually left in petrified wood, only rock that takes the same form and shape of the wood.

Petrification typically takes millions of years. Normally, trees decompose, but when a tree lands in a swamp or is otherwise covered up, decomposition is halted. The cells within the tree are hollowed out, and mineral-rich water seeps in. As the water evaporates, the minerals are left behind, creating a copy of what was there. It is possible to see growth rings in well-preserved samples.

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Petrified wood is wood that has laid outside long enough to become a fossil. All the organic things have been removed by sun, wind, water, and time, and has been replaced with minerals
Petrified wood is a piece of wood that has been partially turned to stone, technically known as quartz crystal. The process involves both chemical and physical changes, and is known
to preserve something naturally using calcium carbonate is known as petrifying.
(pĕt'rə-fī') v. , -fied , -fy·ing , -fies . v.tr. To convert (wood or other organic matter) into a stony replica by petrifaction. To cause to become stiff or
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One can sell their petrified wood in rock shops, or, online auction sites for smaller pieces and garage sales for larger ones. However, most petrified woods are ...
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