What Is a Pharmaceutical?


The word pharmaceutical refers or is related to medicinal drugs or medicaments. Pharmaceuticals also pertain to an industry that manufactures different kinds of drugs.
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pertaining to pharmacy or pharmacists.
a pharmaceutical preparation or product.
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Pharmaceuticals are the drugs or medicines that are at your pharmacy. The can be over-the-counter or by prescription only. Pharmaceuticals is a very lucrative business to get into.
1. Demonstrate knowledge of the industry, the company and their competitors. Show that you're aware of the company's product lines, top-selling drugs and vaccines, and lower performing
As an adjective: Of or relating to pharmacy or pharmacists. As a noun. A pharmaceutical product or preparation. See the related link for more information.
1. Pharmaceuticals are shipped via various methods of transportation including trucks, trains, ships, etc. 2. Drugs and Pharmaceuticals companies seeking to sell a drug in the United
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