What Is a Phillips Screwdriver?


A Phillips Screwdriver is one that has a cross-shaped tip rather than the rectangular tip of a standard flat-blade screwdriver. This type of screwdriver is used with Phillips screws, and its tip is specifically designed to fit into the head of these screws.
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Automobile production in the 1930s required a fastener that could secure quickly. Workers on assembly lines often took several tries to correctly place a driver in a slotted screw
That crosspoint, with side fillets, was designed by the Phillips company, the company of Henry F. Phillips, the founder. The screw head is named after them. Phillips found this shape
Here are five relatively common (and two rather uncommon)
The Phillips curve is a relationship between unemployment and how the inflation rate is moving in an economy. It's been said that there is no correlation between the two factors.
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Phillips head
a screw head having two partial slots crossed at right angles, driven by a special screwdriver (Phillips screwdriver)
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