What Is a Philly Horse?


A filly horse is simply a female horse which is under four years of age. That female horse which is over the aforementioned age is what is known as a mare. Other terms used in reference to horses are colt, which is a young male horse that has not yet been gelded while a stallion is a full grown male horse.
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Filly @ 4. According to the Veterinary Dictionary, a filly is a "young female horse up to first breeding or 4 years. To read the rest of the definition, and to read about the
A female horse under four years of age is called a filly. A female horse over the
it's spelled filly. a female horse is considered a filly until it turns 4. after that it's called a mare. a male horse is a colt until it's 4th birthday. after that it's called a
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