What Is a Physical Need?


Physical needs are the requirements for human survival concerned or preoccupied with the body and its needs. These requirements are supposed to be met for the human body to continue to function well. They include food, clothing, shelter and sex.
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A physical need is any basic thing that is necessary for organisms to live a healthy life. It entails protection from the elements and intruders, a safe place to rest, and food and nourishment. People must eat and sleep and have protection against the extremes of climate and other harmful elements.
A physical need is referred to as the most basic resources such as food and water, as well as biological conditions, such as maintaining a certain range of temperature and pH levels. Most people are aware of and understand the existence of individual physical needs and agree on what they are as identified and defined biologically and medically.
Physical needs are the things one needs in order for them to live. They vary according to the individual’s age and activities, among other factors. For example, for a caregiver the physical needs include the diet, exercise, relaxation and ways to fight fatigue.
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