Physical Properties of Acids?


There are about six physical properties of acids. These properties are; acids have sour taste, they turn blue litmus to red, they are electrolytes, they turn methyl orange to red, strong acids can destroy fabric and cause burn on skin.
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There are many different properties of bases. 1) Acids to have a sour taste. 2) Acids release H- ions. 3) Acids have a pH below 7. PHYSICAL PROPERTIES OF ACIDS: 1. Acids have a SOUR
There are many different properties of acids and bases. Acids seem to
1. Put on personal protection equipments like safety goggles, lab coat and rubber gloves in case you are dealing with hazardous substance. 2. Prepare a solution of the substance using
Colorless liquid or crystals. Density is 1.049 g·cm−3 (l) or 1.266 g·cm−3 (s) Melting point is 16.5 °C (289.6 K, 61.6 °F) Boiling point is 118.1
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