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Pica is defined as a unit of type line and size length that is equivalent to 12 points. It is also described as a letter size in typewriting that has 10 characters to an inch. It also refers to an appetite to non-nutritive substances. PICA can also be used as an acronym for different things like posterior inferior cerebella artery.
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People with the disorder pica compulsively eat items that have no nutritional value. An affected person might eat relatively harmless items like ice or potentially dangerous items like flakes of dried paint or pieces of metal. In the latter case, the disorder could lead to serious consequences such as lead poisoning. This disorder. . . More »
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A Pica is a unit of measurement that is equal to 4.512 millimetres. It is mainly used to measure topography and is also used in computers Adobe Postscript. A Pica is represented by P and is abbreviated as pc.
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PICA is a medical term used for people that constantly eat non nutritious substances for example, like dirt or paint. PICA usually develops in childhood, and only last for a few months
There used to be six answers to this question. Now there is one that counts: The Adobe Pica, created by one John Warnock in the 1980s, is exactly one-sixth of an inch, and each Adobe
1. Discuss any cravings to eat non-food items with a doctor. Although this may be embarrassing, the doctor can recommend techniques to reduce and cope with the cravings and asses
Craving for unnatural articles of food; a depraved appetite. Expressed in animals by licking or eating foreign materials. Often caused by a nutritional deficiency of bulk, fiber or
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In medical terms, pica is the craving to eat things which are not food items. Common items are glue, dirt, chalk or even paper. ...
One pica is equal to 4.2 millimetres. Pica as a unit of measure is used mostly in printing, printers and in home computers. This means of measurement was first ...
The exact causes of pica are not well known. However, pica is said to be more common in people with developmental disabilities like autism and mental retardation ...
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