What Is a Pike Fish?


A pike fish is any of the variously superficially similar fishes of the genus Esox, which are large, slender and voracious. The most common species of these are the northern pike and the pickerel while the blue pike is now extinct.
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Northern Pike
Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Actinopterygii Order: Esociformes Family: Esocidae Genus: Esox Species: Esox lucius
Esox lucius are native to North America and Eurasia. They are found from Labrador west to Alaska, south to Pennsylvannia, Missouri, and Nebraska. In Europe they are found throughout northern and western Europe south throughout... More »
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1. When jigging, it is so important to match the action of your jig to the current mood of the walleye. Most people will lift it, and drop it. This is an acceptable method, but if
pikes are a family of aggressive freshwater predatory fish,with long torpedo shaped bodies and sharp teeth.they are basicly ambush hunters and much sought after gamefish.
Pike or Esox is a genus of freshwater fish. They range across North America and from Western
I fish for them quite a bit and you will need 10-15lb. test with a steel leader other wise pike will bite it off with there sharp teeth. The best lure to use is a medium size spoon
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The best tips for fishing for pike is to use live bait sizing the bait accordingly with the size of the pike you are trying to catch, using a spoon lure, and fly ...
The worlds largest pike fish, 1000 lbs, was transported by air lift from Lake ...
1. Cut deeply behind the gills of the pike, slicing off its head. You might have to turn the fish over and make an incision on the other side to remove its head ...
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