Pinnate Leaf?


A pinnate leaf is a leaf that looks like a feather and it has leaflets on either side of a common axis. Some of the plants with pinnate leaves include palms, cycads, ferns and grevilleas.
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( pi′nāt·lē ′käm′pau̇nd′ ′lēf ) (botany) A leaf with leaflets that are borne on the continuation of the petiole.
It describes a leaf having leaflets or primary divisions arranged on each side of a
Black Walnut.
pinnate leaf: a leaf resembling a feather
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Twice pinnately compound leaf is a feather-like leaf on upper and lower side of the leaf. Pinnately compound leaf is a leaf with divided leaf blades arranged on ...
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A pinnately compound leaf is a leaf that has a row of leaflets forming on either side of the extension of the petiole known as the rachis. It is contrary to a ...
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