What Is a Pith Ball Made of?


Pith-ball is made up of small non-conductive lightweight ball-like material. It is an electroscope used in testing the presence of a charge on an object by bringing it near the uncharged pith-ball. Pith-ball was invented by John Canton who was a British inventor around 1754.
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pith_balls. _help_to_show_electrostatic_attraction_and_repulsion.Lightweight. pith balls. help to show electrostatic attraction and repulsion. A pith ball picks up electric charge
A pith ball is a very small, lightweight object that picks up electric charge quite well. Thanks
Pith - a light substance that is found in vascular plants. It consists of soft spongy parenchyma cells. report this answer. Updated on Wednesday, February 01 2012 at 02:28PM EST.
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A positively charged object touches an uncharged pith ball on an Electroscope, it charges the Electroscope. As result, it is registered as a blip. The Electroscope ...
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