What Is a Plane Mirror?


A plane mirror is a type of mirror that has a planar reflective surface, which makes objects appear to be behind the plane on which the mirror lies.
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About the Plane Mirror Plane mirrors are the common, everyday, flat mirrors that we see everywhere in our society . A plane mirror consists of a flat, two-dimensional surface that
D(power)1\f ;f=infinity. D=0 for plane mirror.
( ′plān ′mir·ər ) (optics) A mirror whose surface lies in a plane; it forms an image of an object such that the mirror surface is perpendicular to and
Radius of a plane mirror is infinite. This is because in a plane mirror an image is formed on the opposite side as the object but at the same distance as the object. this means that
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What Is a Plane Mirror?
A plane mirror, while not a common term, is a common device that we use in several ways around the home, in our offices and in our vehicles. The plane mirror has a long history in civilized culture and has a hand in keeping drivers safe on our congested... More »
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