What are planetary wind belts?


A planetary wind is any wind system of the earth's atmosphere, which owes its existence and direction to solar radiation and the rotation of the earth. Planetary winds blow constantly in a particular direction throughout the year and are also known as prevailing winds. Planetary winds include the trade winds, countertrades and the prevailing westerly winds.
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The_trade_winds,the_westerlies,the_polar_winds. " the trade winds,the westerlies,the polar winds.
( ′plan·ə′ter·ē ′wind ) (meteorology) Any wind system of the earth's atmosphere which owes its existence and direction to solar radiation
The hydrodynamic wind within the upper portion of a planet's atmosphere allows light chemical
Ok Kitty, you ready? This is a good question and here is a short, concise scientific answer for you. Planetary wind belts are related to the general circulation of the atmosphere.
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