What is planetesimal theory?


Planetesimals are solid objects believed to exist in protoplanetary disks and in debris disks. Planetesimals lay a basis to the planetesimal theory that tries to explain the formation of planets through gradual material buildup. The combining of many planetesimals leads to the formation of protopanets.
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one of the numerous small, solid bodies that, when gathered together, form a planet.
Planetesimals:1:one of many small solid celestial bodies thought to have existed at an early
"one of many small solid celestial bodies thought to have existed at an early stage in the development of the solar system" Source(s) http://onelook.com/?w=planetesimal&
n. The hypothesis that the planets and satellites of the solar system were formed by gravitational aggregation of planetesimals.
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one of the small celestial bodies that, according to one theory (planetesimal hypothesis) were fused together to form the planets of the solar system.
of or pertaining to a planetesimal or planetesimals.
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