What Is a Plant Node?


A plant node is that area of a plant's stem from which a leaf grows. It is that point on a plant stem where a leaf has been attached. The number of leaves that grow from a plant node depends on the species of the plant; the most common is one leaf per node, but some plants have more than one.
Q&A Related to "What Is a Plant Node"
Nodes are located where leaves attach to a plant's stem, according to the University of Arizona College of Agriculture. Nodes looks like thickened portions of the stem. According
The easiest way to describe the "node" is the swollen portion on the plant stem. There are a number of these that run down the length of the stem between the "narrow
All plant stems, from the soft herbaceous stems of a tomato to the mighty wood of a mature oak are built out of nodes linked by internodes. Whatever your plant, it is important to
A node (n.) is the part of the stem of a plant from which a leaf grows. Each plant has many
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