What are platonic relationships?


A platonic relationship is a friendship between two people of the opposite sex which does not include sexual or romantic relationship. The relationship involves understanding the limitations of one another and focusing on the main aspects that offers mutual benefit.
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It's where a man and woman care about each other the way they would about a brother or sister.
A platonic solid is a convex polyhedron that is a regular polygon. This means that the faces are congruent regular polygons with the same number of faces at each vertex.
In a platonic relationship, male and female, you are just friends. No intimacy, jelousy or sex. Ask!
The opposite of a platonic relationship would be a sexual
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A platonic relationship is a relationship in which a man and woman are related on just friends basis. In this relationship, individuals go out while maintaining romantic relationships with other partners. Research shows that just 26% of platonic relationships work.
A platonic relationship is any relationship with a great amount of affection that does not lead to sexual contact. Commonly, platonic relationships refer to very close friendships, especially between members of the opposite sex, though it can refer to other friendships or even to family relations.
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