What Is a Plumbing Riser?


A plumbing riser is the name that is given to a vertical metallic or plastic tube that links a tap to the stop valve of the water supply. The plumbing riser is generally made of copper, with metal flex risers being corrugated to assist in bends.
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There is considerable risk of pipe or plastic fittings splitting. Poly B has long been disliked for this, and I regularly get called to replace it with PEX.
Flux is an acidic paste that is water-soluble, which makes cleaning up simple by using water and a cotton rag. Flux is applied to all of the pieces of copper that you want to connect
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The size of the waste water pipe determines the maximum distance the vent can be located from the plumbing fixture. Small pipes, pipes 1 1/4 inches in diameter, require the vent pipe
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What Are Plumbing Risers?
In plumbing, the term "riser" refers to the device that connects the lateral line in a sprinkler system to the sprinkler head itself. Essentially, a riser gives the water that flows in the sprinkler supply line a place to exit. Understanding more about... More »
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