What Is a PMB Address?


A Pmb address is a private mailbox number address used by individuals and businesses. This address is essential as it helps to identify, by number, the offices within their company set to receive mails and in the process, simplify the internal mail distribution.
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The acronym "PMB" has over 40 meanings! When it comes to mail it stands for
What you do is get in touch with your state employment dept and request a replacement 1099-G.
PMB". it may main a military address it does stand for PRIVATE MAIL BOX.
(PMB=Private Mail Box) http://www.vortex.com/privacy/priv.08.08
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While a personal address is not listed, fan mail may be sent to Taylor Swift Entertainment at 242 West Main Street, PMB 412, in Hendersonville, Tennessee 37075 ...
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