What Is a Pocket Puggle?


The Pocket Puggle, is a new hybrid dog breed produced by mating a female beagle to a male pug, resulting in a very sweet-tempered puppy that is very friendly with children and other dogs. It is loose-skinned, with a wrinkly-face and endears in both personality and looks.
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Puggles are created by breeding pugs with beagles. In each case, a pure-bred beagle must be crossed with a pure-bred pug. Puggles are not generally bred with other puggles to make
A pocket puggle is a very small puggle dog.
One of the most common questions regarding Puggles is "Where
Wouldn't know, not into paying way too much money for an undersized, poorly bred mutt.
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What Are Pocket Puggles?
It's a pug. It's a beagle. Actually, it's a puggle. This is breed of dog known as a "designer dog." They are a mixed-breed of pug and beagle. In most cases, the term "pocket puggle" refers to a puggle that is smaller than average, though these dogs are... More »
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