What Is a Police Blotter?


Police blotter refers to the daily written evidences of events such as arrests, in a police station. A blotter item typically starts with the time and place of the reported occurrence, and the name of the police officer who responded, and normally it contains a storyline of what happened.
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A blotter item usually begins with the time and location of the reported incident and the name of the officer who responded. It might be accompanied by a code to note whether the
A "Police Blotter" is another term for a police report... Thanks for asking
All police arrest reports are public. From my experience at them, the cops reporter goes to the police station (if the arrest log isn't provided online) and then types out the arrest
Police blotters can be read from just about any government regulated web page. They are used to monitor activities and to see what is happening in cities.
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A police blotter is a record of reported incidents. It usually contains the time and location of the incident, the name of the responding officer and any follow up actions, such as arrests or citations.
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