What is a political cartoon?


Political cartoons are illustrations designed to express social or political messages, and they are often found on the editorial leafs of newspapers and magazines. Sometimes they appear in the comic parts or as standalone illustrations.
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A political cartoon depicts caricatures of events that are happening in the current political arena. The cartoons can also be directed at political leaders such as the president.
Although they may have adorned the walls of barracks and caves, political cartoons weren't widely disseminated until the invention of the printing press. Benjamin Franklin, who was
Cagle comics is a great aggregator of political cartoons: http://www.cagle.com/. I personally like TR's assault on the English language best: . Thomas Nast was famous as well for
they portray funny drawings of politicians, but you will still recognize who they are.
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A political cartoon also known as editorial cartoon is an illustration or comic strip which is designed to convey a social or political message. This kind of art dates back in the 1500s in the European culture and was considered as an important part of visual expression in much of the West. It contains propaganda message and it usually relates to current events or personalities.
A political cartoon refers to an illustration or comic strip containing a propaganda message. They are usually found on the editorial page of most newspapers though others are can be found in regular comic strip page. Political cartoons can be quite diverse, however, there is a certain established style among most of them.
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The purpose of political cartoons is more complex than it might seem. They convey complex political issues in simple and humorous ways. This is done to make a ...
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