What Is a Political Whip?


A political whip is a party whose function is to ensure party discipline in a legislature. A whip typically gives inducements and threatens punishments to party members so as to ensure that they vote according to the official party policy. There are three types of whips; one-line whip, a two-line whip and a three-whip line.
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These assistant leaders are responsible for counting heads and rounding up
A political party has a team of whips, (in the UK around 14 in the major parties) The 'chief whip' is the leader of the 'team' of whips whose job it is to keep order within the party
Part of it is to make sure that all members know what the Party line is, and make sure there are enough members present at important votes.
The whip is responsible for delivering the votes physically. When members of Congress are in committee meetings and an important vote is coming up, the whip is responsible for getting
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A whip in political circles actually refers to a person, not the object itself. It is a role in party politics whose primary purpose is to ensure control of the formal decision-making process in a parliamentary legislature. Whips are party 'enforcers', who typically offer both inducements and punishments to party members.
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