What Is a Pollution?


Pollution is the introduction into the environment of a thing or substance that has poisonous or harmful effects. The pollution is typically by chemical or other agents that renders some part of the environment unfit for the desired or intended use.
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Pollution is harmful stuff put into the environment, either into the air or water or the ground. Waste needs to be disposed of properly.
Bioremediation uses microbiota, bacteria and fungi, to degrade or transform pollutants into less harmful by-products. Bioremediation can be used to treat soil, groundwater, sediments
A pollutant is a waste material that pollutes air, water or Soil.
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the act of polluting or the state of being polluted.
the introduction of harmful substances or products into the environment: air pollution.
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Pollution is the release of hazardous substances into the environment. There are various types of pollution which are; air pollution caused by introduction of toxic substances into the air that causes harm to human. Water pollution caused when raw materials are disposed into the water body and even sound pollution. These activities can be prevented because most pollution are caused by human.
This is where desired part of the environment is contaminated by chemical or any substances that is unfit .
The term pollution refers to adverse state of the natural environment being infected with harmful substances due to human activities. This term can also be defined as the act or the process of contaminating or dirtying something.
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A pollutant is a an unwanted waste material that pollutes water, air or soil, and is the cause of pollution. It normally causes instability, disorder, harm or ...
A pollutant is a form of material that is harmful to the environment. Pollutants create environmental problems and put dangerous substances into natural habitats ...
Pollution is the contamination of the environment. It is a serious problem that causes instability, disorder, harm and discomfort to the ecosystem. There are many ...
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