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Polonaise is a Polish dignified ceremonial dance that often opened balls and other royal functions in the 17th century. It was done with gliding steps ascented by bending the knees slightly on every third step. The dance was later used as a musical form by composers like Beethoven, Handel, Mussorgsky and Chopin.
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The polonaise is a Polish dance in triple metre. Although the title is found in French Suite No. 6 of Johann Sebastian Bach and elsewhere in the earlier 18th century, the form is best known from the piano pieces written by Chopin... More »
Polonaise is a polish processional national dance. It has its own typical rhythm and is a symbol of Polish patriotism. It is performed by couples as they walk around the dance hall; the music is in moderate tempo and triple meter.
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Polonaise is a slow dance of Polish origin, in triple meter, consisting chiefly of a march or
polonaise: a woman's dress with a tight bodice and an overskirt drawn back to reveal a colorful underskirt
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Polonaise is a Polish word for 'polonez chodzony' and Italian for 'polacca' which is a type of slow dance. It originated in Poland and is a type of dance similar ...
In music, the polonaise is a processional dance in triple time. The rhythm comprises an 8th note and two 16th notes accompanied by four 8th notes. Some of the ...
A polonaise is a slow dance of Polish origin, in triple meter, consisting chiefly ...
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