What Is a Polymath?


A polymath is a person who is particularly knowledgeable in many subjects and the term is most frequently used on people who have excelled in more than one field of intellectual or artistic endeavour. These people do not usually think of themselves as being particularly smart only curious.
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a person of great learning in several fields of study; polyhistor.
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Polymath is a modern term for a Renaissance man: someone who knows a lot about a wide range of topics. Embed Quote
1. Brainstorm about which fields of study you wish to explore on your way to becoming a polymath. Pursing what interests you would be a good idea. Ideally, the fields should be diverse
A polymath is a person of great learning in several fields of study. In other words, a polymath
A. polymath. is a person who excel in significant number of different subject areas. may simply be someone who is very knowledgeable in the fields of science, invention, astronomy
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A polymath is an individual who can excel in different subjects or fields. The word polymath is a Greek word, which means having learned much. Leonardo da Vinci ...
Archimedes was the Greek Polymath who used buoyancy to check whether a gold crown was genuine. This golden crown had been commissioned by Hiero II, the king of ...
Robert Hooke was born on July 28, 1635. He was an English natural philosopher, polymath, and architect. Robert had three distinct periods in his adult life. The ...
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