What are the polymers of lipids?


A polymer of a lipid is formed when chains of smaller, simpler molecules are connected. Most of the lipids are not polymers and the simplest lipid monomers are known as the triglycerides, which are made up of 3 fatty acids that are attached to a glycerol molecule by ester bonds.
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Fatty Acids are the polymers or building blocks of lipids
2-3 fatty acids are usually polymerized with glycerol, but other lipids, such as steroids, do not form polymers.
Lipids tend to be large, single molecules with no obvious repeating pattern. Polymers
Lipids are kind of like large repositories for energy. They are constantly stored up or broken down depending on the needs of the organism. Lipids also provide cellular structural
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What Are the Polymers of Lipids?
Most polymers are long chains of repeating, identical, carbon-containing molecules called monomers. Lipids are the exception because they have an additional, nonidentical molecule attached to each monomer chain. The additional molecule varies with the... More »
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