What Is a Pontine Hemorrhage?


A pontine haemorrhage is the bleeding in the substance of the pons that typically occurs in hypertensive patients. This is a devastating condition that is manifested by a wide range of symptoms from isolated deficits to coma. Pontine haemorrhage affects the pons involved in motor activity such as Corticopontine fibres, ipsilateral pontine nucleus and contralateral cerebellum.
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acute haemorrhage within the pons causing a characteristic clinical picture. The patient complains of a severe headache and rapidly becomes unconscious, and then develops periodic
The term brain hemorrhage may refer to any of a number of conditions that cause localized bleeding either on the surface of, or in the interior of, the brain. Bleeding can occur as
( ′pän′tēn ′flek·shər ) (embryology) A flexure in the embryonic brain concave dorsally, occurring in the region of the myelencephalon.
They are fibers arising from the pontine nuclei, decussate and pass into the
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