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A poodle is a dog breed with a curly coat that is usually clipped and is found officially in toys, miniatures, and standard sizes, with many coat colours. The term poodle can also refer to a person or organisation considered to be servile or obsequious.
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Teacup poodles are considered a specialty breed and can be very expensive. You may expect to pay over $750.00 at a breeder depending on where you live. For more information look here
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You can make a poodle skirt at home if you have some spare time and sewing materials! Firstly, head to the fabric store to purchase your supplies. Then follow this easy tutorial and
Standard poodles were initially bred in the 17th century, Germany as water/retriever dogs. however, they were very attractive, and by the late 18th century, France had re-bred them,
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A poodle is a type of dog. There are three main types of poodles. Poodles can be categorized as standard poodles, miniature poodles, and toy poodles. ...
A royal poodle is the large size of this particular breed. Poodles come in sizes ranging from teacup to the royals. ...
Phantom poodle refers to the bi-coloured poodles which have a light colour on the eyebrows, legs, feet, muzzle and throat and below the tail. Phantom poodles are ...
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