What Is a Pool Ball Made out of?


Since the early 1900's pool balls are manufactured using Phenolic resin. The earliest known pool balls were made from wood, then clay, and then by hard rubber. They were later on replaced by balls made from ivory, which came from elephant tusks. These were expensive and very time consuming and were used by the wealthy people in society.
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What Are Pool Balls Made Out of?
Whether one is playing 8-ball or 9-ball, one-pocket or straight pocket, the game of pool requires three things: a pool table, some cue sticks and a set of hard, colored pool balls. These pool balls have a long history, and have been created using many... More »
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Pool balls were originally made out of wood, hard rubber and even ivory. Industries then made the balls with a replacement material of celluloid. Since the early 1990s, celluloid has been replaced by phenolic resin which is still the material of choice for pool balls.
Pool balls are made of phenolic resin. Initially, these balls were made from ivory. However, as the supply of ivory dwindled, newer material were sought to replace it. Cellulose nitrate was used, but it had a tendency to explode leading to the present usage of phenolic resin.
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