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Populist means those who stand with the civil and the social rights the people. A true populist will side with the general population in strive against those who are more privileged or wealthier. Populist will come down near the centre of the political spectrum.
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a member of the People's party.
(lowercase) a supporter or adherent of populism.
of or pertaining to the People's party.
(lowercase) of, pertaining to, or characteristic of populism or its adherents.
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A populist is an adherent or member of political party which is seeking to represent the interests of ordinary people. This person is concerned and he also holds the views of the people he wishes to represent.
A populist refers to an individual who subscribes to populism, in favour of supporting the rights of the masses and giving power to the people in the struggle against the privileged upper class. He or she usually sides with the general population in a struggle against those who are wealthier.
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A populist is a supporter of Populism which is the political course for the "the people" with "the elites". It is believed that some populist use it as building
Populist sovereignty means the people create the state through the will of the majority and give that state legitimacy through the consent of the people. The people are the source
A populist is a democrat, or an advocate of democratic principles.
populist ideas where prompted by willa carther.
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