What is a pork shank?


A pork shank is a cut of meat from the lower leg of a pig. A pork shank contains part of the pig's femur, or leg bone, and part of its shank bone.

Pork shank is either sold raw or already cured and smoked and ready for consumption. When individuals purchase raw shank bones, they usually prepare the meat by marinating it in herbs and roasting it. Individuals also cook pork shank by braising it in wine, herbs, beef, pork or chicken broth, vegetables and salt and pepper to taste. Pork shank is also prepared on a rotisserie or indoor or outdoor grill.

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A shank is also known as a shin and is a part of the meat in an animal. It is the portion that is located around the tibia, which is the leg bone beneath the knee. Commonly available
Pork shanks come from the front leg of the pig. When prepared properly, they become succulent and flavorful.
The shoe shank is a flat piece of material located above the outer sole at the waist (the waist is the narrow part of the shoe, located between the heel and toe and just underneath
The ham shank has been cured and the pork shank is fresh.
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