Negative Plus a Positive Equals What?


When you add a negative number to a positive number the result is always a number lower than the positive one, because it is the same as subtracting the value of the negative from the positive. They result can be either negative or positive.
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It depends on the magnitude of the negative and positive values. Equal magnitudes equal zero.2 + 2 = 0. Larger negative number than positive number equals a negative number.3 + 2
A positive plus a negative can sometimes be a positive or a negativ...'re gonna ask them all here anyway aren't you. Well, in this case it depends on the magnitudes of each number. The greater magnitude will dictate the resulting sign.
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A positive plus a negative gives a positive while a Positive Plus a positive gives a positive. Plus is an operation which uses the addition operation and has the symbol (+). Addition is the combination of a number of objects to come up with a larger collection.
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The result of a adding a positive number and a negative can either be a negative number or a positive number, depending on the sign of the biggest number. If the ...
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