What Is a Postcard?


A postcard is a piece of paper that is intended for mailing without an envelope. Deltiology is considered the study of postcards. The postcard is rectangular in shape and measures at least 31 ?„2 inches.
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a small, commercially printed card, usually having a picture on one side and space for a short message on the other.
Source: Dictionary.com
A postcard is card for sending messages usually with a picture on one side and a space for a written message on the other and it has no imprinted stamp.
A postcard is a one page card with a pictorial on one side, and a space for writing on the opposite side. A postcard is used for mailing people notes from various travel destinations.
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A postcard is a rectangular bit of thick paper or thin cardboard that does not require an envelope to send and has to have a stamp attached to it. The minimum ...
Postcards require an address and a stamp in order to be mailed. Once the address is written clearly on the lines provided and a stamp placed on the card it can ...
To set up a post card in design, first click on the 'file' menu and select 'new'. Select the settings for the new post card including the width and length and ...
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