What is the meaning of "postmarked"?


According to the U.S. Postal Service, "postmarked" is the official imprint applied in black ink that identifies the location and date at which the USPS accepted custody of the mailed item. A postmark voids any postage affixed on the mailed item.

The USPS states that the postmark is located on the address side of the mailed item. Local postmarks identify the entire name of the post office, the two-letter state abbreviation, the zip code and the date of mailing. Some customers place importance on the postmark of a letter, so the USPS requires all local post office locations to make a local postmark an option for customers.

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Postmark is an official mark stamped on letters and other mail, serving as a cancellation of the
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Advertising that is printed by a postage meter machine on an envelope as part of the postmark. Postmark advertising is used by business organizations, public utilities, service associations
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an official mark stamped on letters and other mail, serving as a cancellation of the postage stamp and indicating the place, date, and sometimes time of sending or receipt.
to stamp with a postmark.
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