What Is a Postmark Deadline?


A postmark deadline means a particular item must be posted by the date given. Normally, when a deadline date falls on Sunday or government holidays, the deadline is considered on the next business day. Most corporate tend to set penalties whenever a postmark deadline is not met.
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If you haven't applied for an extension, individual tax returns must be
you know on letters where there is the little stamp from the post office (faint red)? that stamp has a date on it and that's the postmark date. so the postmark deadline means that
The postmark deadline for applications means that your application materials must be mailed and postmarked by the deadline date. You are only responsible for sending it by that date
The postmark deadline is 30 days after the date on your invoice. This means that you must have the appropriate paperwork postmarked, by the USPS, 30 days after your invoice date.
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